Copywriting keyboard testimonials


Testimonials from former colleagues:

From Serco Learning

“Anne makes creative editorial look effortless; the quality, ease and speed with which Anne delivered work meant brochureware, adverts, case studies, internal and external communique were consistently produced ahead of schedule, easing the pressure on a busy marketing team.” – Karen Cave

“Anne was a key member of our marketing team. She worked extremely well with clients, often gaining a stronger relationship with them than any other member of the business. She created excellent case studies and brochureware, as well as copy for newsletters, direct mail and advertising – often within incredibly tight deadlines, and her relationship with editors and ojurnalists helped ensure that we gained the placement of copy and stories in key publications. Anne also bought new ideas in what we could do to promote the business and was always ready to help out in making things happen.” – Nigel Thacker

From the British Dental Health Foundation

“Anne is an extremely competent and experienced Press Officer. Working in a difficult area on which to obtain coverage (dental health) she constantly came up with innovative ideas for Press releases and increased media interest and coverage of oral health. The Foundations she laid whilst at the Foundation have led to the pre-eminent position in terms of provision of media information on dental health it enjoys today.” – Nigel Carter OBE

From the History of Advertising Trust

“Anne was a key contributor to the HAT Ghostsigns Archive and, beyond this, also represented the project with an excellent radio interview as part of the publicity surrounding the archive’s launch. It is the voluntary support of Anne and others like her that have helped to create this valuable new archive and resource for future generations to learn more of the history of hand painted advertising on walls” – Sam Roberts