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Do you do your own car service?

a VW beetle with its bonnet open

Suppose your car needs a service. You probably know how to top up the oil and maybe even change spark plugs, but are you sure enough about the rest of it? Would you rely on your own basic skills to maintain your brakes?

Now suppose you are doing an end of year tax return for your business. You can do mathematics and you’re reasonably accurate with numbers. Do you decide to ‘wing it’ and complete your own accounts?

It’s likely that you answered ‘no’ to both of those hypothetical situations – most people would call in a professional – and yet every day business owners decide to do their own publicity. They write their own press releases, do their own social media and draw up their own adverts – aand often make a lot of mistakes in the process.

When you hire a PR professional you can take advantage of their expertise. They have probably spent years learning and honing their skills. They know what is newsworthy and what will just annoy journalists. They know the tricks that will get you noticed and they know how to keep negative points out of the glare of publicity. Above all they have the time to concentrate on raising your profile while you get on with what you do best.

Your business is every bit as important as ensuring you have a working and safe car. And your public relations strategy is just as important as getting your accounts right. Don’t try to muddle through alone.

Talk to an expert.

Are you neglecting your website?

Your website is your shop window. Imagine you are indulging in a little retail therapy: what would attract you inside a store and what would make you walk straight past? Now try to think of your website the same way.

When did you last update your site? Would you be impressed if your favourite store never altered its window display? Well, your customers will react the same way if, every time they visit your site, they read exactly the same information. You should update at least your front page regularly and, if you want to stay high on search engine listings, you should change other pages too. Sites that stagnate tend to slip down the ranking. Adding and rewriting text on your site will keep it fresh and help your search engine optimisation.

Now imagine you fancy a coffee and you see an attractive tea shop – but you notice it has dead flies in the window. If your website has spelling and grammatical errors they will give exactly the same impression as those dead flies: they suggest to potential customers that you and your business are careless – and people want to be treated with care. If you have the slightest doubt about your language skills get your site checked now. There have been numerous studies that show how poor spelling and grammar on websites links to poor sales performance.

A picture is worth a thousand words, or so they say. Do you have thousands of words on your site when a picture would be more helpful? Don’t tell people what you do – SHOW them! It doesn’t matter how good your product is, or how well you describe it, a photo will sell it better. Just remember not to use high resolution, large images that slow down page loading times. Not everyone has superfast broadband, and people will get bored with waiting if your site takes too long to give them information they want. The average web site visitor spends just 15 seconds deciding whether or not they want to read on.

So there are a few ways to make your website work for you, rather than against you. Perhaps you have other ideas. Why not share them on our Facebook page? (https://www.facebook.com/AJPRservices/)