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Do you do your own car service?

a VW beetle with its bonnet open

Suppose your car needs a service. You probably know how to top up the oil and maybe even change spark plugs, but are you sure enough about the rest of it? Would you rely on your own basic skills to maintain your brakes?

Now suppose you are doing an end of year tax return for your business. You can do mathematics and you’re reasonably accurate with numbers. Do you decide to ‘wing it’ and complete your own accounts?

It’s likely that you answered ‘no’ to both of those hypothetical situations – most people would call in a professional – and yet every day business owners decide to do their own publicity. They write their own press releases, do their own social media and draw up their own adverts – aand often make a lot of mistakes in the process.

When you hire a PR professional you can take advantage of their expertise. They have probably spent years learning and honing their skills. They know what is newsworthy and what will just annoy journalists. They know the tricks that will get you noticed and they know how to keep negative points out of the glare of publicity. Above all they have the time to concentrate on raising your profile while you get on with what you do best.

Your business is every bit as important as ensuring you have a working and safe car. And your public relations strategy is just as important as getting your accounts right. Don’t try to muddle through alone.

Talk to an expert.