About aj-pr

About AJ-PR

about aj-prI launched AJ-PR after a long career in writing and publicity. I have more than 30 years’ experience in newspapers, public relations and marketing. I began formal training as a news reporter at the National Council for the Training of Journalists (NCTJ) Sheffield centre. Then I completed an apprenticeship while working for local weekly newspapers in Lincolnshire.

After qualifying I moved to evening papers, working for East Midlands Allied Press in Northamptonshire. While there I rose through the ranks to become deputy news editor. A brief stint as a pub landlady followed, but I soon realised my true calling was as a writer. That was the start of my public relations career.

Working in fields as varied as education, dental health and laboratory science, I have honed my PR skills creating press releases, brochureware and online text, gaining publicity in local, national and specialist press. One of my key skills is simplifying complex concepts for lay audiences. My work has helped my employers raise their profiles and boost sales.

I also have extensive experience in web creation and maintenance, and social media on many different platforms. You can find me on Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and blogging. For details of the specific services AJ-PR offers, please see the links within the site menu.

As if that wasn’t enough words, I also write short stories, poems and creative prose for fun. In my spare time I like to visit historic sites and sometimes even take watercolours and paper along to try to paint the view. I write MUCH better than I paint.